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4501 Old Shell Road – Remodel

The remodeling of the building at 4501 Old Shell Road is currently underway.  According to the City  of Mobile site for building permits it states in part, “RENOVATE EXIST. 1,475 SF COMM BLDG, GUT INT. & MODIFY STREET FACADE, *NO CHANGE OF OCCUPANCY* OCC LD=49, FLOOD=XU.

4501 Old Shell Rd

Based on the information of the building permit we would assume the remodeling project is being completed under the existing codes for the City of Mobile and not the newer codes recently passed by the City of Mobile Planning Commission and City Council.  The newer codes were those submitted by the Village of Spring Hill and sponsored by Council Members Gina Gregory and Reggie Copeland.

If you would like the see the building permit assigned to this project, you can go to the following link:

Once at this web site, enter the permit number BLD2009-02402.  You can also enter in the number COD2009-01534 and view the latest permit check.

We noticed the building is for lease and we wish the owner the best of luck in securing a new tenant for their property.  We also wish the new tenant well and we all look forward to another profitable business in Spring Hill.

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