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Welcome – The Family Pharmacy of Spring Hill

Last evening, members of CityWatch-PAC had the opportunity to meet Pat and Taffy Busby, the new owners of The Family Pharmacy of Spring Hill.  They are remodeling the building formerly occupied by Five Gold Monkeys on Old Shell Road next to Bank Trust.

Coming Soon

Coming Soon - The Family Pharmacy at Spring Hill

Pat and Taffy said the process has been a challenge, but they are looking forward to the opening of their new pharmacy in Spring Hill.  Their next hurdle comes on November 5, 2009 where they have a petition before the City of Mobile Planning Commission.  This request is to amend a previously approved Planned Unit Development, PUD, for their location, which will allow shared access and parking.

Basically, in talking with Pat Busby, he says the current City of Mobile code requires them to have two additional parking spaces due to the soda fountain being included in their new business.  We are sure the thoughts of an old-fashioned soda fountain brings back a lot of fond childhood memories for all of us.  We can’t wait to see what kind of “goodies” they have in store.

If you would like to review their request, the zoning case number is ZON2009-02549.  Be sure and use this number instead of the one listed in the Meeting Agenda portion of the City Planning Commission web site, as that number seems to be in error.  The City Planning Commission site adds an extra “0” that invalidates the search on the City Of Mobile Building Permit web site.

The Family Pharmacy of Spring Hill remodeling project is being managed by Cummings Architecture Corporation of Mobile, Alabama.

CityWatch-PAC would like to welcome Pat and Taffy Busby and The Family Pharmacy of Spring Hill to our neighborhood.

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