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10% Cut in City Employees Salary

I have received a 100% thumbs up from those who read the last post on the City Council and their attempt at pirating away an additional 1% sales tax from the citizens of the City of Mobile.  Thanks for your continued support.

After the recent announcement the City of Mobile was planning on cutting 10% out of every employees pay check, there was an outcry that had one veteran employee calling for Mayor Sam Jones resignation. The mayor should have realized that just merely talking about a 10% wage cut would have its toll on employee moral.

Because of this announced cut, it would appear that some city employees are showing their displeasure in the job they perform for the general public.  In the picture below, you will see how a recent Friday trash pick-up went for one of our supporters.  In the picture, you can see where the bucket made a stab at removing the trash.  Trash pick-up has always been efficient in this area, but this type of lackluster workmanship had never happened prior to the mayor’s proposal.

Trash Pickup

Trash Pickup

It would appear the city worker who was responsible for this particular Friday pick-up was able to scoop up about 90% of the trash.  I guess he figures that the Mayor and City Council will come by and pick up the other 10% that is still laying beside the street.

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