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We Are Updating Our Site – Stay Tuned

We are updating contact information for City of Mobile Officials and all City of Mobile Departments.  Sort of a “one stop shopping” directory for the City of Mobile. Why the update?  We have been informed of an issue, we feel, is threatening commercial and residential property owners rights…again. Remember our motto:  “Protecting Property Owners Rights Through Responsible Government”. This website update will also include a new photo and video media section linked to other social media accounts for better, more up to date information. Thanks again for your support…Stay Tuned. … Read entire article »


New Urbanism or Old Liberalism?

New Urbanism or Old Liberalism?

We read an article in today’s Mobile Press Register about the impending doom that has been forecasted for Mobile by New Urbanism “prophet” Andres Duany (photo).   In fact, in March of this year, Mr. Duany was in Scotland warning the Scots their planning system was in crisis as well.  I guess, this will preach almost anywhere. In our opinion it … Read entire article »

Welcome to CWPAC

Welcome to the new web site for CityWatchPac.  We have left our old wordpress format and have taken on a new look.  This new look has a “media” feel and should be a vast improvement over the old site. Over the next few days, we will be populating this site with familiar links to City, County, State and National Government.  Please come back often as we continue our quest to “Protect Property Owners Rights Through Responsible Government”. … Read entire article »

Sunset in Spring Hill!

Of all of the projects that were promised to the people of Spring Hill, cleaning up the intersection of Old Shell Road and McGregor Ave. was, in our opinion, the most popular. So, what happened? CityWatchPac thinks the picture speaks a lot more than 1000 words.  More like 235,000 words. … Read entire article »

Turn, Turn, Turn – If You Can!

Turn, Turn, Turn – If You Can!

It seems like our concerns have now spilled over to other citizens of Spring Hill.  Sunday’s Mobile Press Register Sound Off is a prime example that people are not happy with the so called “improvements” endorsed by the Mobile City Council, in particular Council Members Gina Gregory and Reggie Copeland.  While we are certainly in agreement with the Sound Off, … Read entire article »