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Turn, Turn, Turn – If You Can!

It seems like our concerns have now spilled over to other citizens of Spring Hill.  Sunday’s Mobile Press Register Sound Off is a prime example that people are not happy with the so called “improvements” endorsed by the Mobile City Council, in particular Council Members Gina Gregory and Reggie Copeland.  While we are certainly in agreement with the Sound Off, we cannot claim credit for this “spot on” piece.

Damage to CVS landscape

Every day more and more people are fighting the horror that is now Spring Hill traffic.  We all know that traffic has always been a challenge on Old Shell Road, but the new design not only impedes traffic flow, but is causing damage to commercial property at the intersection.  Delivery trucks have to ride up on the curbs in order to make their turns onto McGregor Ave from Old Shell Road.  The picture, at the right, shows the recent damage done to the new landscape area at the new CVS store.

Local property and business owners have been impacted by this flawed plan.  Some are hearing complaints from customers who are experiencing major difficulties in trying to shop in Spring Hill.  Customers are unable to enter and exit businesses safely due to the newly designed traffic flow.  If this trend continues, and revenue loss is realized among the merchants, then members of the Mobile City Council can expect a visit for our supporters.

Damage to CVS landscape

Damage to CVS landscape

When we contacted the City of Mobile to determine who authorized the changes to the intersection, since they were not the plans presented to the property and business owners, we were informed the changes were made by the City Traffic Department.  However, we feel certain the City Traffic Department did not formulate this plan since they are keenly aware of the problems it would cause.  We feel this is just another intrusion on the residents of Spring Hill from outside sources who have no vested interest in our neighborhood, except maybe to take advantage of a distressed real estate market for their own personal gain.

One thing is certain, in the final analysis, the Mobile City Council will be held responsible and accountable for these failed decisions.  And, as one council member recently learned, accountability sometimes comes in the form of being removed from office.

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